Karunya KR-385 02-03-2019 Results

Kerala lottery

Kerala Sate lottery is the most popular game of south India.The first prize is worth 8 Million and that makes this game a king of lottery in India . Just assume a persone who owns this game. Lottery can change the life of a person ,but we should not forget that a lottery is is just a lottery and its uncertain. Its noting to do with your skill but only chance matters which is never be controlled and influenced.Kerala Lottery is Very famous In south. Its has some stories that how a daily wager won a lottery a first prize

Kerala lottery Karunya KR-385 02-03-2019 Results

Kerala sate is one one of the 13 sates of India who allowed lottery in there sate for the first time in India. Kerala sate lottery is one of the highest searched lottery results in goggle as well. This show that how lottery is gaining popularity in India. However betting is completely ban in India.

Kerala sate lottery has the maximum no. of winners . It has seven games in a week.

Lottery/DrawNoDraw Day
WIN-WIN Monday
Sthree Sakthi Tuesday
Akshaya Wednesday 
Karunya Plus Thursday 
Karunya Saturday

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Lottery in India is gaining popularity because those who are rich mostly visit casino but those who have limited money and willing to play such games for them its be come very easy to buy Rs 6 -50 ticket and get a chance win a lottery worth 8 Million. That the reason why this game is becoming so popular and people are so crazy and the transaction volume is going up day by day. as people wonder that by paying such a small amount they get a chance to win such a big amount if they are lucky enough.

And fortunately some of them won this prize and make good money out of it. Hope there many will win, as always I will suggest to play the game only if you want to entertain yourself and not for making money only.

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