Lottery Samabd 11.55AM 07–3-2019 Results Nagaland lottery

Hi players so here is the result of the Nagaland sate lottery 11.55Am 07-03-2019 Lottery Samabd .Hope your luck has favored you and you will win a million dollar lottery today. Nagland Sate lottery the most popular game of Indiaan lotto. is here for you.

Lottery is gaining popularity in India and its becoming a fun game , earlier it has a tag of addiction and a negative impression but now its gaining popularity because of simple and quick settlement and and its availability across the geography

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Nagaland state lottery dear morning Result 07 March 2019.

Nagaland state lottery, lottery samabd is the most easily accessible lottery here in the sate of Nagaland and also in other sates like West Bengal.

There are total Thirteen sates are there who allow lottery In India They are

1.Nagland 2.Madhya pradesh 3.Assam 4. Arunachal 6.Manipur 7.Meghalaya 8.West Bengal 9.Sikkim 10.Maharastra 11.Kerala 12.Goa 13.Punjab

Although Govt. has banned lottery in India still above mention sates allow lottery in India . Lottery gives great amount of revenue to sate govt. Bust at the same time the cost of social life is more , as many poor persons get trapped and get addicted of it and lose their hard earned money

Any Game which has not linked with the skill and based onthe chance is illegal as per the govt of India.

Nagaland state lottery Results Dear morning 7th March 2019

The Results Brings you the fastest on screen lottery sambad for you. You can download Lottery Ssambad from here in the PDF form as well. Results are available on our web at 11.55Am 4PM and 8PM on daily basis.

Nagaland lottery is Live streamed on its official website You can check it here. Results will be available at 11.55AM .

We also publish results for West Bengal lottery , Kerala lottery

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