lottery sambad 04-03-2019 11.55 AM Nagaland

So here is the results of the Nagaland sate lottery, The lottery sambad 04-03-2019 11.55AM .Nagland sate lottery is the best Among all other lotteries . Its basically a spin game which s conducted by the state govt of Nagalnd. Ngaland sate lottery is the most popular game in North East India. The main reasons behind its popularity is its availability across the sate and also in other states who allow this game.Basically this game is of paper lottery. And its not a online game. As online betting is banned in India. Still some sates allow lottery (offline)

Nagaland sate lottery sambad 04-03-2019 11.55AM Dear Morning.

Nagaland sate lottery is poplular because this game is played in the presence of judges appointed by the state govt . Also the game is streamed live on the official website of the organizers. The best part of this game is its played trice in a day and all the three lottery sambad are published here in our web site.

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Dear Morning Nagaland sate lottery 04-03-2019

The game is big enough as the the no of tickets are quite high for a particular game. Lakhs of tickets are distributed everyday with a wide spread Chanel of retailers agents and vendors. Only the authorized vendors are allowed to sell the paper lottery.

The unsold tickets are gain returned to the organizers every day and the same is being reported everyday to the organizers 60 minutes before the game. Once the game is over the results are published on the official website. The winners can claim their winning amount form the vendors if the winning amount is less than Rs10k. if its more than 10 k then the the winning person need to approach the directorate of lottery of the state with valid ID ,winning lottery ticket. PAN, and bank account details along with the duly filled claim form.

Here is the results of 04-03-2019 Nagaland state lottery

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