Lottery Sambad 11.55AM 15-03-2019

lottery sambad
Lottery Sambad

Here is the results of the Nagaland state lottery 11.55AM 15-03-2019. The results brings fastest on screen lottery sambad for you at 11.55AM,4PM and 8PM respectively every day all the 7days of the week and 365 days of the year. Nagland State lottery its the most popular lottery in India , its start gaing popularity in recent past. They are popular because of ..

1.They are available and accessible, Nagland State lottery tickets are easily available across the sate and also in the other sate who allow sale of Nagland state lottery tickets in their state. They have a wide spread dealer network. who get in to their job from early morning for selling lottery tickets.

2.Its Results Its results are available on web just a few minutes after the game is finished and also in the PDF prints are available with the Agents who sale the lottery Ticket.

3. The third Reason of its popularity of the lottery sambad games is its played in the Presence of judges appointed bu the directorate of the sate govt.

4. The fourth Reason is its live streamed on the official website. And its stored for future reference as well.

5. The tickets are available at a very low price as low as RS6 per tickets. And that is how

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Dear Morning 15-03-2019 Results PDF download

Nagaland state lotteries first prize is worth 26 lakh this what attact people towards it. there are a total of 5 Prizes are there in this game.

RanksNo. of prizesPrize Amount 

The winner need to claim the amount form the agent if its less than 10k. But if the winning amount is more than 10k. The Winner need to claim it from the directorate of the lotteries govt. of Nagaland.

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