Lottery Sambad 11.55AM 16-03-2019

Here is the result of the Nagaland state lottery 11.55AM 16-03-2019.The result Brings the fastest Lottery Sambad for you. Its published at 11.55AM,4PM and at 8PM every day. Nagaland lottery

Nagaland has India’s first poker license, and it the s the first Indian state to pass a law on the online game of skill.Nagaland’s new laws permit online skill games, which, as well as rummy and poker, include, chess, Sudoku, virtual sports like cricket, football and fantasy sports league games.In Nagaland state lotteriesthere are three diffrent games are there and its announced thrice in a day. Nagaland state lotteries morning at 11.55 AM. Nagaland state lotteries evening at 4 PM and Nagaland state lotteries  late evening  8 PM.  The Results bring Lottery Sambad for you dated 16-03-2019 11.55AM.

lottery sambad
lottery sambad

Nagaland lottery has also weekly draws which is mention Below. 

  • Dear Flamingo – Monday evening.
  • Dear Parrot – Tuesday evening.
  • Dear Eagle – Wednesday evening.
  • Dear Falcon – Thursday evening.
  • Dear Vulture – Friday evening.
  • Dear Ostrich – Saturday evening.
  • Dear Hawk – Sunday evening

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Dear ostrich 16-03-2019 11.55AM Results

Naglanad Dear ostrich saturday game is so popular that millions of tickets are sold everyday. They have a wide spread network of agents who start selling the tickets early in the morning.

There are some Myth about lottery that one can’t won a lottery ever. How ever fact is very that is, its  scientific and its possible that you can own. But the probability of winning a lottery is very less, as the no. of instances are in millions.If you are good with numbers you can easily find out that what is the probability of winning a lottery Sambad.

However a recent study shows that Americans spent more on lottery than other games all together.

However Majority of people pay this game with trust that the luck will fever them and also the will become millionaire. Yes you can become Millionaire but its not certain that which pay can make you millionaire and when….

It advisable that in case you would like to play this game pay using a stop loss upper limit that even you shed. You loose what you have decided for the entertainment only.

If you would like to pay the game pay it with fire not hope….
Its game of entertainment rather than a and it should be enjoyed as an game only. Once it becomes dependence you are gone.

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