Lottery Sambad 11:55AM 17-03-2019 Results

Here is results of the Nagaland state lottery 11:55AM 17-03-2019. The results brings the fastest on screen lottery sambad for you at 11:55AM 4PM and 8PM . we have also started publishing Kerala lottery an Goa lottery results.

All the games are equally popular. But Nagaland sate lottery is more popular as they have three games in their kitty. at 11:55AM, 4PM and 8PM . Whereas other organizers have mostly one game , this what makes this game popular. Also Nagalanad is the first state in India to issue a pokar licence for online games of skills like Ludo, Rummy etc. The results brings the fastest on screen lottery sambad India also we publish old results

This for you information that any games which don’t have skills is not considered legal game in India.Any Game which has some skills involve in it is a legal game in India. There were two Regulation acts were also implemented for regulating the Lottery in India . Also some states have come up with their own Regulation . On 21st May 2013 . The government of West Bengal department of finance(Revenue) has came up with the the Regulation ACT which states …

“In exercise of the powers conferred by section 5 of the Regulation ACT 1998(17 of 1998)the governor is pleased hereby to declare that the sate of Westbengal shall be free of online and internet lotteries and prohibit the sale of of all types of computerized and online lottery marketed and operated though vending machines terminals electronic machines and tickets sold through internet organised conducted and promoted by the sate of west Bengal and other sate of India and the other countries ,within the sate of West Bengal on an from 21st May 2013”

PDF is available at lottery sambad. Online gaming has a very adverse affect on the society. The social cost was so high that lottery has impacted many families as they were getting addicted of it and they were losing there hard earned moning with the hope of becoming a billionaire. That is the reason why Govt. has interfered and comeup with these regulations.

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Nagaland state lottery 17-03-2019 11:55AM PDF Download

Nagland state lottery is a offline paper lottery organised by the Govt. of Nagland and thrice a day and its results are published online every day after the game is finished.

Nagland state lottery is performed in the presence of the judges appointed by the govt of Nagland sate lottery department. the key reason behind performing this game in the presence of the judges is ti make this game more trustworthy and bring transparency in the game in order to win the trust of the players and make this game more popular.

Also this game is live streamed on the official website of the organiser . this has added a another feather in its cap by being more transparent with the the players.

This lottery is performed thrice a day on a spin machine which display random no and its noted and published on the official website of the organiser.

How to Play Ngaland sate lottery 17-03-2019 11:55AM

Nagland state lottery sambad is paper lottery which is available in the state and also in some other state. its cost Rs 6/ ticket. Anyone above age 18 is eligible to buy this tickets . one you buy the tickets wait for the the resutls ti be published.

Once the results are published you can tally your ticket with the results and if its their in the published results then you have the luckiest day of your life. as if you win the first prize its Rs 26 lakh.

The claim process is very Easy. the winner need to visit the vendor with the winning lottery ticket . If the amount is less than 10k then its settled then and there. but if the winning amount is more than 10k the the winner need to claim that amount from the directorate of the sate lotteries. The claimant need to Fill a form available on our website And attache 4 copies of passport size photographs ,Original winning ticket, PAN, Banck acount Details, Affidavit etc. Once you submit all the details to the directorate Post validating all docs the amount get credited post deducting the Income tax.

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