Lottery Sambad 11:55AM 19-03-2019

Here is the result of the Nagaland state lottery sambad 11:55 AM 19-03-2019. The results brings the fastest on screen lottery Sambad for you every day at 11:55AM, 4PM. 8PM.

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Lottery Result

Nagland satte lottery is is most popular game where every players want to become contenders of this game.

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You Can also change old results here You Can also check the details here Nagland State lottery is the most popular game in North East sates . Its confined in Nagland itself , Rather its spread in other state too like West Bengal. In fact is more popular in West Bangal than any other state.

Ngaland state lottery has gained popularity in recent past because of its availability and transparency. Nagaland state lottery Paper tickets are available in the sate and also in other sates who allow lottery in their state .

Its available through a channel of retailers and agents through the week and day. Most interestingly its price is very low its as low as Rs 6. The agents sell the a lot of 5 Tickets which cost Rs30 to the customers and they get series of 5 Tickets . Agents gets good margin for selling those tickets and thats makes the availability that ease for the customers.

They way its getting popular day by day we can expect more players to participate in this game in future, But we always recommend. That this game should be played as game and not as source of income. Lottery has already a high social cost . That a reason why Govt. banned online lottery in so many sates. Govt has already regulation to regulate the lottery in India

his for you data that any recreations which don’t have aptitudes isn’t viewed as lawful amusement in India.Any Game which has a few abilities include in it is a legitimate diversion in India. There were two Regulation acts were additionally actualized for directing the Lottery in India . Likewise a few states have concocted their very own Regulation . On 21st May 2013 . The legislature of West Bengal Department finance(Revenue) has thought of the Regulation ACT which states …

“In exercise of the powers conferred by section 5 of the Regulation ACT 1998(17 of 1998)the governor is pleased hereby to declare that the sate of Westbengal shall be free of online and internet lotteries and prohibit the sale of of all types of computerized and online lottery marketed and operated though vending machines terminals electronic machines and tickets sold through internet organised conducted and promoted by the sate of west Bengal and other sate of India and the other countries ,within the sate of West Bengal on an from 21st May 2013”

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