Lottery Sambad dear bangalaxmi Teesta 04-03-2019 4PM

Here is the Results for the West Bangal lottery . Dear Bangalxmi Teesta lottery sambad 04-03-2019 4PM. The first prize is of Rs 32 Lakh just assume what will be the feeling of the winner if the first prize winner. That is the only reason why this game is so popular. West Bengal is one of the 13 sates in India who allow paper lottery. There are 12 more states are there who allow lottery in their states. Arunacha, Assam, Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Manipur, Westbangal, Kerala,Sikkim,Punjab etc.

Lottery Sambad dear bangalaxmi Teesta 04-03-2019 4PM

Again west Bengal lottery there is only one game in a day and and there are a total of seven games are there in a week. The winner of the lottery can claim their winning amount from the vendor , if the winning amount is less than Rs10k , If the winning amount more than 10K then the winner need to claim it from the directorate of the lotteries of the state govt. The winner need to provide all the necessary documents required. Like 1.4 Copy of photographs 2.Original winning Ticket 3.PAN 4.Bank Details 5.Filled forms The winner have to produce all the above mention documents to claim the winning amount.

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West Bengal lottey Sambad dear bangalaxmi Teesta 04-03-2019 4PM

This game is most popular game across the sate. The reason behind its popularity is its availability across the state through its well spread channel. The retailers start selling the tickets from the early morning and its available from 7 AM onwards to 3.50AM. The game is also popular because of its quick results which is available on our site just after the game is over.

This game is basically a offline game which is played on a spin machine and its nothing to do with the skill of the players its only matter is the chance.

Best of the luck for tomorrows game .

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