Lottery sambad Nagaland 11:55AM 25-03-2019

Here is the result of the Nagaland state lottery 11:55AM 25-03-2019. The results brings the fastest onscreen Lottery sambad for you. Nagland state lottery is one of the most Popular lottery game in India.

Moreover apart from the state of Nagaland , this lottery is very much popular in the sate of west Bengal and people from each class are crazy about lottery sambad . They key reason behind the popularity of this game is its prize money , yes its Rs26 Lakh. A hotel waiter who has bought lottery tickets first time in his life from siliguri own a first prize of Rs51 lakh in a lottery. Now such stories actually inspire people to actively participate in such games. No doubt anyone play this game the sole intention is to make money as it may change their life in a day.

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Lottery basically serve a lower neache of society where people want to play a lottery game but could not visit a expensive casino. In that scenario a lottery game plays a vital role and help those people to meet this need and entertain and become contender of such big games .

Lottery is not new to the society If you will see you wlll find
The first recorded signs of a lottery are keno slips from the Chinese Han Dynasty between 205 and 187 BC. its believed that lottery was used by govt to finance the projects like great wall of china. The same is mention in the book “The book of songs . France, 1539–1789
King Francis I of France decided and came up the idea to organise lottery and raise fund for the state. England, 1566–1826-
Although the English probably first experimented with raffles and similar games of chance, the first recorded official lottery was chartered by Queen Elizabeth  (Source Wiki). You can see its that lottery is not a very modern game but it is a very old game and people played with very much enthusiasm. Even today lottery is A very popular game across the world. But Govt of all the counties have came up with certain regulation in recent past . As lottery has a adverse affect and a high social life cost. many people who are less educated started getting trapped in lottery and spending much of their income in lottery which has resulted imbalances in their life.

Post such incidents Govt has come up with regulation and new regulations were issued by the state govt. and also by the Central govt.

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