Lottery Sambad Nagalnad 11:55AM 22-03-2019

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Nagaland lottery

Here is the Result of the Nagalnd state lottery 11:55AM 22-03-2019. The results brings the fastest on screen lottery sambad for you at 11:55AM, 4PM , and 8PM evry Day .

Nagaland State lottery results dear Morning11.55AM 22-03-2019

Nagaland state lottery is the most popular lottery game in India . It has got the maximum no. google search as well it itself self explanatory that how popular this game is .

This game is played three times a Day and all the three hundred and sixty five days of the year . The game is played in the presence of the judges appointed by the directorate of the lotteries govt. of Nagaland .

Every single game is live streamed on the official website of the organizer and youtube channel to ensure the transparency in the game .

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How to Play Nagaland state lottery Dear morning

Its very Simple in order to become a contender you need to buy a ticket of Rs6 and you become a contender in the game if your luck fervor you you may win a whooping 26 Lahk first prize. The game is performed on a spin machine . some people a guess and claim they can pretend lottery the same claims can be seen in some of the you tube videos . one is provided below for your knowledge . However you are requested to use your own understanding while playing this game .

How to claim the winning amount of Nagaland lottery

If your winning amount is less than than you can visit the nearby agents with the original winning lottery ticket and its settled by the agent or retailer itself . However if the if the winning amount is more than Rs10k then the winner need to claim it from the directorate of the sate lotteries.

Nagaland state lottery is also popular in West Bengal the same can be witnessed in any town of the west Bengal where Agents were seen selling Nagaland state lottery tickets.

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