Lottery Sambad Result 4PM 06-03-2019

Here is the result of the West Bengal State lottery 4PM 06-03-2019 Lottery Sambad. West Bengal lottery is very popular game in the state of Best Bengal, its tickets are available across the sate through a well developed and spread wide network of retailers agents and vendors. The best part of this lottery is that played in the presence of judges appointed by the govt of West Bengal. Also the Game is live streamed on its official website or the organizer.

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West Bengal lottery result 06-03-2019 4PM

West Bengal lottery sambad is a unique game started long back and still in demand because of its transparency and decency. There many who gets employment from this game. Employment in terms of delivery boy agents retailers Distributors and many web publishers who publish results of the lottery . Fund raised from these lottery is utilized for govt projects.

Lottery is a very confined area in India a majority of the chunk believe that lottery is a addiction. Now there is reason behind this thought is lottery is not a traditional game in India. Even it is there it has some negative mindset in mind of the people. Even Mahabharata has witnessed it where Pandaw have lost every thing they have to kawrawas in a bet . And if the ethos thought you that its bad then defiantly its defined a addiction in the mind of the society.

Lottery Results 4PM west Bengal lottery 06-2019

Now what makes this game so interesting even though some people have a negative mindset.The whooping 26 Lakh makes this game more interesting. Its cheap price makes in more interesting just assume a Rs6 Lottery tickets makes you a contender in a game of rs 26 lakh. And there many who own and every day some are winning its. this makes this game more interesting. winners can claim the winning amount from vendors if the winning amount is less than 10k . If the winning amount is less more than 10 k then the winner need to claim it from the directorate of the sate lottery department.

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